Animal noise nuisance diary

Animal noise can be a confronting nuisance to affected residents. At times the keeper of the animal may be unaware of the distress it is causing.

The complaint process was established to ensure that any complaints received are substantiated, all parties involved are well informed, and any animal keepers are supported to attempt to reduce the impacts of the nuisance.

Upon completion of this noise nuisance diary, a Council Officer will assess the information you have provided, and establish whether a pattern of behaviour exists to substantiate an offence under the Animals Local Law 2017 (the Local Law). If Council is unable to substantiate an offence, you will be informed of the decision and the matter will be closed, unless substantial new evidence that affects the decision or outcome is provided.


  1. Before completing the noise diary, you must have;
    1. Utilise the information on the Animal Noise page to try and resolve the matter amicably with your neighbour
    2. Submitted a valid complaint; If you are have not submitted a complaint you can make a complaint via;
      1. Report it online; or
      2. The customer contact centre on 07 3403 8888.
    3. Once completed you will be provided with a reference number that can be used to identify your noise diary submissions.
  2. It is recommended to complete the diary for a minimum of 7 days to ensure a snapshot of the affected noise. The seven days must be in a row and not include days you are not at home. You can add up to 20 days of animal noise on this form.
  3. On each occasion you notice the noise, you should also make notes to fully describe how the noise disrupts or inhibits your ordinary activities. This information is required by a Council Officer and will form part of the assessment as to whether further investigation under the Local Law is required.
    1. NB: If more than one dog is causing noise please indicate this on the form.
    2. NB: If the animal causing noise is not a dog, please complete as much of this form as possible.
  4. Please ensure all information provided is correct and as detailed as possible.
    1. Failure to supply adequate information may result in no further action by Council until appropriate information is provided.
  5. Click on "Submit" when you are ready to send your noise diary to the Council.
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Diary requirements

To proceed with submitting an Animal Noise nuisance diary, please confirm the following:

I was home at the time of the noise: *
I am able to clearly identify the dog/s or animal (ie. I have seen the dog and can describe it) and the address where it is kept: *
My activities at the time of the noise were not provoking the dogs or animal: *

Diary requirements not met

Brisbane City Council can only accept animal noise nuisance diarys under certain conditions. As you have answered 'No' to one or more of these conditions, we are not able to accept this diary from you.

Please submit this diary when you can confirm that all diary requirements are met.


18 February 2020