Be prepared home readiness checklist

Living in Brisbane means being prepared for bushfires, summer storms, severe weather events and other natural disasters. 

Use our Be prepared home readiness checklist to see if your home and family are prepared for an unexpected weather event. Select yes or no for each question and submit your answers to learn your readiness score and what else you can do to reduce your risk. You can also share your score on Facebook and Twitter and compare your results with friends, family and neighbours.

Are your gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains clear of leaves and other matter? *
Do you have an emergency kit in your home, containing items such as a first aid kit, canned food and torch, that you can access at a moment's notice? *
Emergency kit
Do you have emergency contact numbers, such as SES, an electrician and insurance companies, at hand? *
Emergency number
Do you know the strongest place in your house to shelter during a severe storm? *
Have you checked out your household's flood risk using Council's online Flood Awareness Maps? *
Flood Awareness Maps
Have you checked that your insurance covers flood and storm damage? *
Insurance covers
Have you signed up for severe weather alerts? *
severe weather alerts
Have you spoken to your family about how to evacuate your home in an emergency? *
emergency evacuation plan
Have you tidied your yard in preparation for storms, for example, by securing loose objects and trimming tree branches? *
tidied yard
16 May 2019