Recycle quiz

Brisbane City Council is committed to making Brisbane an even cleaner, greener city. Rate your recycling efforts with our quick recycling quiz.

Do you recycle firm plastics, such as bottles and containers at home? *
Did you know that you don’t have to rinse your recyclables before putting them in your household recycling bin but it does help reduce odour? *
Does your cardboard packaging and packing material like shredded cardboard or brown paper from your online shopping go into your recycling bin? *
Did you know that soft plastics, such as plastic bags, cling film and bubble wrap should not go into your recycling bin? *
Do you recycle cardboard that comes into your kitchen such as pizza boxes (even with a little bit of cheese!), milk cartons or egg cartons? *
Are there separate containers around your home to collect recyclables (e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry)? *
Do you know about the Australasian Recycling Label and use it to help you recycle right? *
Do metals, such as food cans, aluminium foil and aerosol cans, get recycled in your home? *
Did you know that your recyclable items should go into your recycling bin loose and not in a plastic bag? *
Did you know that textiles, such as clothing, mats or linen should not be put in your recycling bin? *
25 February 2021