Recycle quiz

Brisbane City Council is committed to making Brisbane an even cleaner, greener city. Rate your recycling efforts with our quick recycling quiz.

Do you recycle firm plastic containers at home? *
Have you been recycling items even when you don't have time to rinse away food residue? *
Does glossy paper, like magazines and junk mail, go into your home recycling bin? *
Did you know that plastic bags can't go in the recycling bin at home? *
Do you recycle cardboard, such as milk and juice cartons, pizza boxes and laundry powder boxes? *
Are there separate containers around your home to collect recyclables (e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry)? *
Do you recycle items even if they don't have a recycling number or symbol on them? *
Do metals, such as food cans, aluminium foil and aerosol cans, get recycled in your home? *
Do you recycle glass bottles and jars at home? *
Did you know that food can't go in the recycling bin at home? *
16 May 2019