City Pools - Application for improvement works

Under a City Pools lease the written consent of Brisbane City Council as the landlord is required prior to the tenant undertaking any improvement works to the premises, this includes any change to existing assets.

This application is the formal process required to request the consent of Council as landlord to a proposal.

City Pools / Venues consult with a number of Council areas regarding proposed improvements works. This process takes approximately four (4) weeks from the receipt of the application (if all documentation is provided with the original submission).

Application requirements

Depending on the proposed improvement works, you will need to attach several documents. These can include:

Site layout plan (required) Detailed site plan (required)
Product specifications Structural Engineering report
Electrical Engineering report Plumbing plans / reports

You will also need to have investigated whether the capital improvements you are proposing require a Development Approval, Building Approval, Heritage Exemption or any other standard approval.

If you require any further information or assistance with this application, call City Pools on (07) 3403 7571.

All questions are mandatory.

Information collected in this form will be handled in accordance with Council's Privacy Policy.

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23 February 2022