Receiving your rates notice by email application

Use this application form to:

  • apply to have your rate notice delivered by email,
  • register to receive optional payment reminders by text message (SMS),
  • change your email address or mobile number, or
  • cancel email delivery and/or SMS reminders.

Registering to receive your rate notice by email will cancel any existing BPAY View registration in place.

Email billing is a delivery method only. It does not give authorisation for a person or organisation to act on behalf of an owner. To obtain this complete the Rates account authority form. Once authorised, changes and enquiries about personal and financial property ownership and occupancy information can be shared.

What you need to complete this application

To complete this application you will need:

  • a valid email address (one email address per property)
  • information from your rate account
    • account number and bill number
    • name/s as it appears on the rate account
    • property location

Information collected in this form will be handled in accordance with Council's Privacy Policy.

1 Email/SMS/Property details 2 Your details 3 Agree and sign 4 Review and submit
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Change an existing email address or mobile number

On this change application you can, for up to four rate accounts:

  • Update an email address
  • Update a mobile number (for sms payment reminders)
What do you want to update? *
Is the new mobile number an Australian or International mobile number? *
Would you like to receive an email copy of this request? *
Property 1
Found on page 3 of your Rate notice.
Found on page 1 of your Rate notice.
Is the property owner a person or organisation: *
Is the current postal address the same as property address? *
Current postal address:
New postal address for future delivery of your rate account:
27 March 2023