Report it: Barking dog complaint

You can use this form to submit barking dog complaints for the Brisbane City Council area.

To report an urgent or public safety issue, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

This form should take five to 10 minutes to complete.

Note: all questions are mandatory unless otherwise advised.

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Have you spoken to the animal keeper about the noise? *

Council encourages you to try to resolve the matter directly with your neighbour. The animal keeper may not be aware the animal is causing a noise nuisance. To assist in discussions with your neighbour, please refer to the Animal Noise page on Council’s website.

An anonymous letter template for ‘Animal noise in the neighbourhood’ and an ‘animal noise fact sheet’ can be found on the Animal Noise page and should assist in finding a practical long-term solution with the animal keeper.

Location details

Please provide the location of the dog/s.

Previous complaints

Have you lodged a request for investigation with Council within the last three (3) months? *
Your response to this question doesn't affect your ability to proceed with this form. This information allows us to relate the current enquiry to the previous case.
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04 October 2022