Report it: Erosion and sediment control issues

Use this form to report non-urgent erosion and sediment control issues within the Brisbane City Council area.

Important: To report an urgent water pollution event (e.g. soil being washed into a drain or waterway), or if wet weather is occurring, phone Council’s Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888 to enable a prompt response to the issue.

Examples of erosion and sediment control issues that you can report online are:

  • Uncovered soil or cement left beside roadside gutters, stormwater drains or waterways
  • Lack of adequate erosion and sediment controls (ESC) (e.g. sediment fences, entry/exit rock pad), or poorly maintained ESC controls on a building or construction site
  • Sediment that has not been cleaned up, or ESC controls not being repaired after a rain event on a building or construction site

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Please phone Council’s 24 hour Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888 to report this issue and initiate a prompt response.


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23 February 2022