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You can use this form to request new road line markings in the Brisbane City Council area.

To report an urgent or public safety issue, phone Council's Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888.

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Yellow no stopping lines

Yellow no stopping lines may be considered:

  • At signalised or un-signalised intersections that clearly define where vehicles cannot park.
  • Narrow streets where cars cannot park along both sides of the street.
  • Where parked vehicles create congestion or reduce safety (e.g. crest of hills or sharp bends where visibility is reduced).

NOTE: installing yellow no stopping lines prevents all vehicles from stopping at that particular location.

Yellow line across driveway

It is not general practice to install signs or lines across private driveways to prohibit parking unless there are special circumstances. As it is illegal under the Queensland Road Rules to park or stop across a driveway, enforcement is encouraged in the first instance.

Report illegal parking

Parking rules and regulations in Brisbane maintain the safety of all road users and pedestrians. They also ensure street parking is available for all to use.

An illegally or dangerously parked vehicle is any vehicle parked outside of Brisbane City Council's parking rules and regulations. It is also any vehicle that may be creating a public safety problem.

Council may issue a parking fine or have a vehicle towed if parked illegally or dangerously.

To report an illegal or dangerously parked vehicle, or if you think your vehicle has been towed, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.


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Keep clear markings

Please note:

  • Keep Clear marking in front of private property - These will only be considered where emergency vehicles require access to enter/leave on a busy road, or where congestion on a by-road makes it difficult for a motorist to enter/leave the road when turning right.
  • Keep Clear markings at traffic signals - Council does not install these markings as it is illegal to enter a signalised intersection if unable to clear the intersection.


Other line markings

Please note, Council will not install the following line markings:

  • Dragon teeth at school zones - These lines are not permitted in Queensland.
  • Yellow grid markings at traffic signals - Yellow grid markings are reserved exclusively for use at railway level crossings.
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07 February 2023