Report it: Tree removal

You can use this form to request the removal of a Council tree (any tree not on private property) in the Brisbane City Council area.

To report an urgent or public safety issue, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Note: all questions are mandatory unless otherwise advised.

Information collected in this form will be used to complete your request and to help us improve our service delivery to you. We will deal with all personal information we collect in accordance with Council's Privacy Policy.


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Fruits, seeds, flowers and leaves

Council will not remove trees for dropping fruit, seed or flowers or leaves as this is a normal process for all trees.

Overhanging new pool or solar panels

Council will not remove trees if they were planted prior to the installation of pools or solar panels. It is the responsibility of the installation company to make sure the installation site is not in conflict with existing trees and shade.

Obstruction of view

Council does not remove trees that are interfering with private scenic views.

Location details

You can search for an address, manually enter one or use your current location if on a mobile device. Alternatively tap or click on the map to move the pin.

If the tree is affecting private property, please provide the address.

23 February 2022