Bike parking request

You can use this form to request bike parking in the Brisbane City Council area.

The location needs to be a public place where Council is permitted to install parking (e.g. footpath or park). If you are unsure if the site is suitable, submit your request and Council will review it for you.

There may be circumstances where installation of bike parking at a request site is not possible, even if the site is owned by Council (e.g. the site is too steep or narrow).

All questions on this request are mandatory unless otherwise advised.

Information collected within this form will be handled in accordance with Council's Privacy Policy.

1 Location and details 2 Your details 3 Review and submit

Location and details

Provide the site address for the requested bike parking:
Example: Outside the cafe; beside the bus stop
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
In the instance that we may need to contact you about this request, and to provide you with any updates, let us know your contact details: *

 Anonymous request

You have elected to submit this request anonymously and will be unable to follow up on this request.

If there is not enough information for us to action this request, it will be closed.


23 February 2022